Female Orgasm Day

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8 August - International Female Orgasm Day 2023

Female Orgasm Day



On 8th August we will celebrate an International Female Orgasm Day 2023!
Take part at event: www.facebook.com/events/s/international-female-orgasm-da/290743980048062

It comes originally probably from Brazil (my favourite foreign country)

It exist to remind about women sexual needs, so it’s often like the men are simply selfish in sex games! 😉
That’s why the world needed to place one special day in the year to celebrate woman’s orgasm, because men’s celebrating it just every time 😉

We decided to join this this project, make some hype, organising an virtual event with important informations for first time.

The reason is we, as manufacturer of clothing and gadgets with personal printings, get an possibility to produce an very custom condoms too!

This kind of personalised products is great way to advertise something, it bring attention and work fine as a company gadget for customers as well. It’s great also as an team or individual society gadget.


Next level is to made an special line of, i call it, “EduCondoms” that will play an education role about safe sex which prevent of pregnancy in very young age and also about sexually transmitted diseases, which many people treat not enough seriously in this “sex easy to find” age.

Sex is for fun too!
We want to learn in funny way!

Some of our current example designs (in english only here) below. We still producing a new graphic designs to our products.


We want not only to produce individual / funny condoms for sale. We would like also to take part in awarenessing (mostly young) people about important protection giving them this sponsored EduCondoms for free!

Nowadays, SEX is attacking us from all of the sides(!) and that’s why also many kids starting to experiment with their sexuality much younger.

That’s why we’re looking for anonymous sponsors (wanted to stay anonymous for different reasons, but still want to support the project), official sponsors who will donate the project for their benefits like advertise their own activity or companies (in many possible ways), and also private donators as well.

Feel free to contact us: biuro@centrumnadruku.com.pl
You can easily contact us in polish, english and german languages.

Take part in special internet-event!
Share / forward this info to your friends!

8 August - International Female Orgasm Day 2023
8 August – International Female Orgasm Day 2023

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