50 years of Fiat 126p!

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Mały Fiat ma 50 lat! - 6 czerwca 2023 50-te urodziny Fiata 126p!

50 years of Fiat 126p!

Hello people! The small polish car – Fiat 126p celebrates 50th birthday this year!

50 YEARS OF 126p!

On 6th June 1973 first models of small car named Fiat 126p (called also simply “Maluch” in Poland) started to be produced.

So we just reminding that this year (2023), in one month – 6th June again, this small Fiat celebrates it’s 50th birthday already!

For sure it’s not so popular car in another countries, as in Poland, but i bet there is still a lot lovers of 126p on the whole world! 😉
So, if you’re here people, let us know in the comments.
We also proudly publish stories and pictures of your private Fiat‘s through our social media dedicated to 126p!

2023 YEAR, IT’S 126p’s YEAR!

Mały Fiat ma 50 lat! - 6 czerwca 2023 50-te urodziny Fiata 126p!
6 JUNE 2023 – Fiat 126p celebrates it’s 50th birthday


This reason we started special virtual event on facebook, where you can join, sharing, comment, and posting your own pics of your awesome Fiat 126p!

Facebook-Event is called: Mały Fiat ma 50 lat at www.facebook.com/events/s/ma%C5%82y-fiat-ma-50-lat/773934867853213

Let know to other people, biggest 126p lovers, who can be interested in! Thanks!


(clicking to picture of product will redirect you direct to online shop!)

126p – Kto ma Fiata ten wymiata – koszulka / t-shirt z nadrukiem
126p – Kto ma Fiata ten wymiata – woman t-shirt

As we working daily with designing and producing great stuff like personalised t-shirts, hoodies or cups and much more, we’re selling many great or funny things with silhouette of Fiat 126p well!

Woman t-shirt of Fiat 126p – Kto ma Fiata ten wymiata – proudly weared in Poland!

Most of our products ready to order you can find in our online stores listed below!

(clicking to picture of product will redirect you direct to online shop!)

Koszulki z nadrukiem Fiat 126p - CENTRUM NADRUKU GLIWICE
Men t-shirt of Fiat 126p – CENTRUM NADRUKU GLIWICE

Great quality men t-shirt with big design of Fiat 126p – Kto ma Fiata ten wymiata

Except t-shirts (men, women, kids) you can order from us unique Fiat‘s hoodies or even cushions with many different design of Fiata 126p „Maluch”!

We also have in our offer many different available products to where we can put our graphic projects 🙂

Of course if you like, we can remove polish words from projects and change them for example with any english words. But they naturally connect to polish car. It’s finally your choice.

Back once again to current available assortment we can design and produce for you also funny custom condoms of Fiat 126p! (or any other you wish) 🙂
The minimum quantity of single order is 1 set (10 pieces of single design.)
We’re here for you! Contact us: biuro@centrumnadruku.com.pl
We speak polish, english or german languages!

(random examples)

Which mean for example – Small, but crazy! 😉

Buying from us products with any design of 126p you’re helping our great goal to restorate one day one real of the old Fiat’s 126p which was forgotten by previous owners!

If you are same big 126p lover and you’re happy to seeing like Tom Hanks, just subscribe our facebook fanpages of Fiat 126p. We will be happy for your share or comments!


Unfortunately, year after year there is much less of 126p in good condition to see at the roads.

One of our goals is to help one single Fiat 126p not to die and bring it to shine, to life.
You can help to reach this goal! And we will be really, really thankful for your help!

So if you’re rich or simply generous and want to support our project of restoring one old Fiat 126p just donate anything you want at our crowdfunding project.

Direct page for supporting:

Description not translated to english yet, sorry for that

Alternative way for supporting here:

If you don’t want to be official, just contact us per e-mail address for getting bank account data or even Bitcoin-Wallet-Address or other possible ways.

We will appreciate any help!! 🙂

We’re saving Maluch! 😉

Full polish article to read here: www.centrumnadruku.com.pl/2023/05/50-lat-126p

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