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We’ve started already a couple of crowdfunding-profiles which you can see all listed below. Join and share your help!

Some of them were already translated to english too 😉 but the admins deleted the english description.
So we posted an articles with both languages also at our blogs/websites. This reason we’re adding additional external links to our pages if you want to read original descriptions without censorship.

Below at first some car- / automotive projects:

Old VW Beetle restoration

Full description PL/EN:

Old Fiat 126p restoration

Full description:

Old BMW E36 Coupe project

Full description:


Except cars, we’re also a big lovers of animals too! Especially dogs!
We’re helping them as much, as we can. Mostly them, who live in shelters without own loving families.
If you want to help too, to grow our support, you can join with your individual donation as well!

Full description:

The last, but not least – general crowdfunding-profile placed for all people we help once, so they can say “thank you” to us. Or also for any other people which support us and want to support our projects. 🙂

We’re totally thankful and appreciating your any support!

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Mały Fiat ma 50 lat! - 6 czerwca 2023 50-te urodziny Fiata 126p!

50 years of Fiat 126p!

Hello people! The small polish car – Fiat 126p celebrates 50th birthday this year!

“Czytaj całość”

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