Valentine’s Day – personalised condoms

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Be My Valentine - individual Fullprint Custom Condoms

Valentine’s Day – personalised condoms

Hello everyone! As you probably know, in just one month – on 14 February we will have a world Valentine’s day! Especially should be excited a couples in love! Singles will celebrate their day at another date – i really don’t know when (depends on country). In Poland this will be 15 February.


If you didn’t thought about a Valentine’s Day gift yet, or you still didn’t found nothing special, our suggestion may help you much!

We are designing and producing individual clothes like t-shirts or hoodies or also gadgets like cups with original designs.

The new stuff which arrived to our printing house you can see at the pictures showed in the gallery below.

The newest product is individually personalised condom!

This time we’re presenting some designs for Valentine’s Day next month.

Yes, you can make great surprise with this kind of gift to really many occasions!
You can also make with this gadget the best marketing campaign of your company ever.

Or you can just to buy your own fullcolor fullprint design condoms and just sell it to another customers!
We are producing in Poland!

Order here:

We speak polish, english and german! 🙂
So contact us with no more worries!


Sample designs of product, currently for sale you can take a look or buy in our online shop:

They’re mostly in polish, just sometimes pictures are with english or with no text included at the project, but you can always talk to us and order your own personalised product!
We will design a graphic for you, so you can order it asap!

Remember also condoms can be ordered as original 10 pc’s sets of one and the same design!

Exception is case only when your idea for personalised product is so great, that we will will like it and be able to sell it to another customers as single pieces.

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